The brasserie is a bit perennial at the junction of Nguyen Hong and Huynh Thuc Khang Street, which is also noisy with the Voice “Zoo 100%”, on the table of the guests or the “potting” cabinet a day in exchange for a vegetarian restaurant. Perhaps the owner of the “enlightened” to vegan is becoming a big trend and the vegetarian restaurant is more than selling beer. Lately, many vegan restaurants, vegetarian food rising in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh CITY shows that fasting is not because beliefs are becoming the choice of many people to live healthier, “greener” than before the loss of food hygiene and safety is becoming Alarms.

Salty transfer to fasting

Ms. NGO Thuy Hang-deputy director of Marin Center specializes in helping the information find the martyrs-transferred to vegetarians a few years ago and abandoned all the orgasms such as boiled snails, ear rolls and not at all. “I suffer a number of diseases like stomach aches,” mouth, and constipation, “but since the transition to fasting, all those diseases are all the same, the body sensation is purifying, relieved. Vegetarian cooking at home is also convenient, not take as much time as salty eating and also more cost savings. My friends moved to eat a lot of plants. “

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Fasting even becomes a movement of many teenage young people-something that could previously be considered eccentric. Thanh Truc-Grade 12 Phan Dinh Phung HIGH School-Hanoi has been fasting for a year: “Previously, I eat salty, weighing 65 kg, still or being ridiculed by friends as” non-removable “, but after switching to fasting, I fell only 50 kg longer, the facial skin no longer the pimples that white brighter. From my own experience, I find it really good for health and spirit. While eating meat, I usually have hot, but moving to eat plants, it becomes more and more gentle. When I started eating vegan, I was the only one in the class to see a little separate, but now seven, eight you have followed this mode “.

The veggie dish is as monotonous but becomes very rich variety and attractive through the hand processing of young children and is brought to Facebook. Ngoc Tan Grade 9 Thanh Xuan SECONDARY School went to school usually hand-made vegetables, soy milk, tofu. After a while, Ngoc has himself cast a lot of veggie recipes and shared on Facebook with friends. There is a young, vegetarian community and often exchanges with each other creating a positive atmosphere with a lot of loving energy. “Fasting, good, every fasting is done as you drink” fun medicine “because there is no sense of guilt with the fish, the chickens…”, Boi Ngoc writes on Faceebook accompanied by images of the new “invention” coronal mushroom.

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Many celebrities have also turned to fasting as a natural option. The designers said, “There are many reasons why people are vegan because of religion, because the environment… But I paid attention to fasting according to science. Create people in the herb group because of their molars, no claws, very long bowel and disease, not passing due to the choice of unbalanced food, suitable. I started fasting, eating a circuit all the time… Seven months and found himself different. The body is as purifying, gentle, well-known, and increased work strength increases. There is no whole fasting, but I am very limited to eating meat or other animals to the maximum extent. Few go partying, events… I eat the rice for a full 30 days/month so fasting is not much affected. As a party, I still prioritize vegetables, bulbs, berries, and so on. “

A year ago, W&S online market research company made a survey on Vietnamese vegetarians ‘ trends to learn about this particular culinary culture. The survey was conducted with 659 people, including 355 men and 304 women, 16 years or older. The results of the survey showed that the proportion of vegetarians often accounted for 14.7%, occasionally with vegetarians occupying 58.9% and very rarely fasting accounted for 26.4%. There are many reasons for fasting: Help the soul of serenity, gentle (40.7%); help supplement, prevent certain substances, enhance health protection (33.1%); very tasty vegetarian food (28.7%); Want to train yourself (23.5%)…

In addition, 46% of respondents who responded to the survey said that fasting is a meaningful work with their lives. The results of the survey also showed that the number of people tended to cook home vegetarian dishes with a majority of 75.6%, followed by a vegan restaurant with 21.5%.

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Fasting tied to green lifestyles

It is worth noting that the proportion of frequent vegetarians is not for religious reasons growing rapidly in recent times. Along with that, veggie restaurants, shops selling veggie food grows more and more. Right in the area of Nguyen Hong Street where the “raw” beer bar has moved to vegan restaurant, there are up to five vegan restaurants, the store of vegetarian food that the visitors not only crowded on a day and full moon. The villa in the street restaurant is exquisite design to open vegetarian Restaurant-the menu here is rich in diversity and the price is not cheap compared to ordinary restaurant. In Hanoi, customers have listed up to the top 40 vegan restaurants in 10 counties, each with their own “cabinets” and style. Other than before, if fasting in Hanoi, it is only thought to be few names such as the vegetarian restaurant she plate on Tran Hung Dao Street, or Bo to center in Pham Huy Pine Stree

t. Viet Chay restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City has an increase of 20-30% over the year. Ms. Thuy Huong-representative of the restaurant said: “Guests here are all ages and components from the public officials and offices. Most of them choose fasting to avoid dirty food and tied to green lifesty

les. ” Hum Vegetarian Restaurant (Hum-excerpt from the Sanskrit mantra that implies the mind of the Heart) is the brand of vegetarian cuisine fast-growing in HO chi Minh. Each year they pick up 150 thousand guests, with an average payment of 350 thousand VND per guest. The number is almost twice as much as the projected range of about 250 thousand from the time they started opening the first restaurant in 2012. Mrs. Dang Thi Xuan Hong, the investor of Hum Vegetarian said: “I want to make fasting for health rather than religion, because the Buddha is not obligated to eat fasting. Our first goal is for our customers. That’s the motto in Buddhism, and that’s because they’re living in there will be themselves. ” Hum Vegetarian has been covered by brand in many countries in the world such as Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, USA, Australia and is aiming to open restaurants in the UK, Australia and

Thailand. Fasting is not merely changing menus that tied to the trend of living clean, Green living is becoming a world-saving movement. The word vegetarian or vegan is not necessarily vegan but it is also a lifestyle; To live clean, live green by not using any product derived from animal body or from animal exploitation, the purpose of emphasizing on determination in the method of consumption is reasonable and rich in love. Fasting for

health, because the community or the “vegan lifestyle” not only respects animals in particular, but all species in general, synonymous with respect to life on Earth, is a useful choice for the environment and health, while educating children to develop love The sympathetic, including animals-the cornerstone of human education, is to the feet-charity-America. Accord

ing to Dr. Hoang Tuan An, fasting is good for health does not mean that salty eating is harmful to health. Modern life, fasting or salty eating is also very versatile and may be at salty, avoiding extreme spirit when choosing food. Vegetarian food has a number of advantages over food-derived animals: less harmful fats like cholesterol and no fatty acids. Many fatty acids have not yet, many vitamins E, C, A, help the body anti-oxidant. The transition from the normal diet to fasting is generally allowed, nutritious compounds.
KY Phuoc
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