To provide a full range of nutrients to the body, vegetarians need to eat a variety of foods, combining vegetables, beans, nuts, bulbs, fruits and cereals…

The problem of fasting, nutrition and health is the problem that many people care about, especially in the March 7 lunar season, the Vu Lan is curious…

Vegetarians the right way: a variety of foods in meals

Th. S-Bs dao thi Yen Phi, head of nutrition Department of Medical University Pham Ngoc Thach TP. HCM, said: From a nutritional perspective, if you skillfully balance the nutrient component through the selection, combination and processing of the appropriate food, then the vegetarian diet is not continuous (3 – 6 months per year or 1 week, 10 days per month) is actually a very good diet for human health.

Vegetarians are able to easily envision enough substances through food groups such as:

-Protein: legumes (soy, green beans, black beans, peanuts, peas…); Preparations from soybeans (tofu, soy…); Dairy products (raw milk, butter, cheese, yogurt…); Fruit, dried nuts.

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-Starch: rice, wheat flour, sticky rice…

-Fat: vegetable oil (soybean oil, peanut oil, sesame oil…), avocado, coconut fruit, pumpkin seed, chestnut, sunflower seed…

-Calcium: Dark green vegetables (broccoli, kale); Algae and seaweed types; Dairy products (raw milk, yogurt, butter, cheese…).

-Iron and zinc: often in green leafy vegetables (kale, cabbage, spinach, broccoli); Dried nuts (almond, cashew); legumes; Fruits and dried fruits (apricot, scrub, grapes); Whole grains and whole grain flour

-Vitamin A: carrots, pumpkin, green beans, red beans, spinach, mango, papaya…

-Vitamin D: Cooking oil

-Vitamin P: Yes in green tea (tea), lemon, orange, curling, peanut.

-Vitamin C: There are many in lemons, bananas, mangoes, papaya, oranges, grapefruit…

As such, to provide a full range of nutrients to the body, vegetarians need to eat a variety of foods, combining vegetables, beans, nuts, bulbs, fruits and cereals (dull rice, wheat, cassava, glutinous rice). However, regular vegetarians should also note a number of issues such as:

-Use restrictions on foods that have high salt content such as And should not be used in elderly people with a precarious, cardiovascular, kidney or diabetes disease.

-Do not eat regularly the industrial vegetarian food due to be processed through many stages so many nutrients are lost.

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-Lack of micronutrients in food origin (zinc, vitamin B12, folic acid…), remedied by taking supplements of these micronutrients in the form of tonic drugs.

-Vegetarian food is less energy so vegetarians often get hungry. So, in order to provide enough energy for the body, vegans who eat enough 3 meals should eat more 2-3 extra meals (potato, tea, cake, milk…). Meals need a varied and frequent change of course.

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Fasting to know how to cook

The cooking is also important, do not think that fasting is the cooking. If the food is not cooked, it will make it whole, and there is a damage to the digestive plant too.

-Do not fry too much, as they have lost vitamins in foods and have just increased the fat content in foods, not beneficial to those who need low energy diets.

-When cooked or boiled to cover the vitamin in the vegetables is not fly and should pour little water to the substance from dilution. And the boiled water is also very good, should not pour away.

-For vegetarian delicacies, it also requires a selection of ingredients, combining ingredients and spices to have a vegetarian dish and tasty, and sure enough. Such as tomato sauce tofu, mushroom stuffed tofu, fruit spring rolls, pumpkin blush, okra and mint soup, marbled porridge, sticky rice,…

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-Avoid overcooking green vegetables to keep the flavor of the vegetable just preserved the amount of precious nutrients in it. The time required for cooking green vegetables is not more than 15 minutes. Some cooking ways can help keep the nutrients pretty good in vegetables such as steamed or stir-fry, maybe even eaten raw.

-For other foods, just cook till they are just ripe. This not only helps preserve vitamins and minerals, but also causes food to be dry and pale.

Eat less processed or processed foods that are beneficial in nutrition. For example, rice is processed for white because through the rice polishing process, has lost a lot of nutrients located outside the shell of rice, other grains too and fresh fruit better canned fruit.

-Drinking about 2 liters/day will help the kidneys to waste toxins.

The benefits from fasting properly

-According to scientists that the proper fasting will bring many benefits to health. Vegetarian diets have low cholesterol, low saturated fat, more unsaturated fats, plenty of vitamin C, E… Has an antioxidant effect, decreases blood cholesterol levels and helps prevent many kinds of ailments such as cardiovascular disease, breast and colon cancers, type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension, gallstones, constipation…

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-The body is balanced healthy, slender because green vegetables and fruits provide a lot of fiber which helps the digestive system to work better; They contain fewer calories, low cholesterol, less fatty acids, many vitamins should not be concerned about the excess energy stored into fat in the body.

-Legumes, vitamins A and E in vegetables play an important role, helping healthy skin. Therefore, vegans always own natural pink skin.

-Save money because vegetables, fruits are usually much cheaper than meat, fish, shrimp, crab…

Source: Th. S-Bs peach thi yen Phi, head of nutrition Department of Medical University Pham Ngoc Thach HCMC Hcm